Website Development

Let Softel Systems be your Design and Development Team in implementing your web prospects for the Global or Private Community! Softel Systems will walk you through the necessary steps required to prepare your content. Don't have the equipment to prepare your content? No Problem! Softel Systems can produce all the necessary content and Graphics needed to get you out there. We are committed to delivering the finest solutions on the net. From Design to Navigation our goal is to please!

Softel System's Development team has some very impressive names in its portfolio. We would like to add your name to the list.

Need help in empowering your graphics department to do this work yourself? We can help!! Training modules for HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), DHTML, JAVA Script, ASP (Active Server Pages) with Access,SQL,Oracle Backend, can be arranged to bring your appointed individuals up to speed in the process of creating pages for display on the Internet. This training will include direction on the process involved to FTP files created to the appropriate server, liaison work between your hosting server or your ISP, various editors and drag and drop software available for publishing, naming conventions and file hierarchy for larger volume sites.

Softel Systems offers Site Design using JavaScript, ASP and Dynamic HTML to create a presence that will effectively deliver your content in visually effective format. With the use of JavaScript, ASP and Dynamic HTML your web based interface will provide the end user with an effortless and enjoyable enriching experience.


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