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Highly Trained & Experienced Team of Professional always on the move to respond to the needs of our customers. We are totally committed & Dedicated for the continuous Development and update of the Software with innovative Features both in enhancing application functionally & utilizing new technologies.


This division comprises of highly trained and professional team of people who study your trade and trade related requirements covering all the aspects and convert it into Flowcharts for the programmers.


Highly qualified professionals from the field of computer industry comprises of Diploma Holders who come from reputed training centers MCA's & Engineers, these highly skilled professionals study the flow charts handed over by the system analysts to convert it into the required programme.


This division takes care of the customers after installation of the Software. Any further modifications. Amendments or Operational difficulties faced by the Customers are understood by this division and are being forward it to the programming division


This division studies the latest IT industries Technologies happening in the field of Software and bring it with our company related with the trade of Customer


We have separate division to execute digitized work.Many of the phases involved in the architectural design process are labour intensive and repetitive. Exhausting your resources on phases like digitizing images and text can prove to be un profitable as these are lower profit margin tasks. Digitizing services and other such processes can be effectively outsourced allowing you to utilize your resources in the more critical design phases of your projects.

Outsourcing digitizing services to India is a wise option. India is one of the most popular outsourcing locations as the country has a wealth of expertise and knowledge in different domains, architectural services being one of them. At O2I, we produce quality work which is cost effective and saves you the trouble of performing this labour intensive work in house.


Skilled Designers are involved for making of Internet Web Site.


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